From prototype to series: we can do a lot for you and show it.

Time saving. Cost reduction. Quality improvement. Fast time to market. Customers appreciate the advantages of our cooperation.

No matter when and where we are involved, we always work out the best solution for your project. Be it the production of conventional turned and milled parts, the innovative design and production of generatively manufactured components, or the interaction of different plastics in our rapid tooling injection moulding process. Whether individual parts or complete assemblies, whether metal or plastic, we ensure that the right parts are in the right place at the right time.

We draw on several decades of experience and a great deal of know-how – including the latest production methods. On the following pages, you will learn about the comprehensive range of production technologies from which we will find the optimal way for you to quickly and economically manufacture your product.

Every technology, every material and every approach has its advantages and disadvantages. Rely on an experienced partner and walk the path together from your idea to series production. But it doesn’t stop there, of course you will also go through the start of production and series production together. From the display sample as a trade fair model, to the functional prototype, to the bridging series and finally to series production.

And what do you want to profit from?