Rapid Tooling


  • characteristics Multi-component injection moulding through part relocation / Bar,
    tunnel or hot runner gating / Vertical systems for overmoulding
    overmoulding of inserts available
  • time 2–5 weeks

Plastic injection moulding at EBERT

We know what it’s like: requirements for 100 injection moulded parts per year as a small series. But we also know 100,000 pieces as a prototype. In between, there are many other requirements for component qualities, tolerance levels and surface finishes as well as the most diverse plastics: a rich abundance of the most varied challenges to which we give our attention every day. Our specialities are injection moulded parts with short delivery times and the production of complete assemblies.

Injection moulding prototypes

The bandwidth of our range for injection moulding prototypes could not be wider. We have various tooling concepts available for implementation, all of which are based on our speed system tooling concept.

We distinguish between several quality levels for the prototypes:

  • EBERT Additive Moulding: printed mould inserts made of aluminium or plastic, fast and cost-effective, delivery times reduced by a factor of 2 to 4 compared to conventional production.
  • Prototype A: HSC-milled tool inserts made of aluminium or steel, manufacturing basis is exclusively the 3D data.
  • Prototype B: HSC-milled and eroded tool inserts made of aluminium or steel, also hardened. Production basis is the 3D data with partial or complete consideration of the drawing. Connection to the parts also with hot runner.

Injection moulding small series and series

Our extensive experience with a wide range of plastics and with the possibilities of rapid tooling also make us attractive for the production of small batches and series. A lot of time and money can be saved by designing your tools to meet your actual needs. Decisive factors are also your quality requirements, the plastic to be used, the service life of the product and thus the output quantity and other factors. We differentiate between series tools:

  • Small series based on mould inserts: the cheapest type of small series mould, because the costs for this refer exclusively to the production of the moulding areas and the ejector package. What you do not absolutely need does not have to be paid for. The surrounding mould structure then comes from us. The mould inserts can be made from aluminium or from unhardened or hardened tool steel.
  • Small series based on aluminium tools: Your tool is fully developed and built according to your individual requirements – complete with all the trimmings. The master mould becomes your property right down to the last screw. This gives you security in case you do want to relocate the mould at some point in the future.
  • Manufacturing base for small series & series parts: In contrast to prototype parts, series parts are always produced according to 3D data and drawings. The topic of quality assurance also takes on a different weight. With constant control and process monitoring, we ensure that your parts are delivered in the quality you desire. Measurement reports and material certificates are also part of this service.
  • Small series on a prototype basis: This is also possible. The production of a small series on the basis of a prototype tool is particularly interesting when a favourable tool price is in the foreground. Less effort also means a better price.

If you are interested in the implementation of prototypes and series parts made of thermoplastics and elastomers, we would be happy to be your partner. Take Contact, we will be happy to advise you!


Process: Injection moulding
Mould design: 1-fold
Material: PC/ABS, 2,200 units
Realisation time: 4 KW

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Isolatoren Oberteil + Unterteil

Process: Injection moulding
Mould design: 1+1-cavity
Material: PA6 GF15, 1,000 units
Realisation time: 4 KW

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Process: Injection moulding
Mould design: each 1-cavity
Material: ABS, 200 copies
Realisation time: 5 KW

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