Mechanical Manufacturing


“Milling, turning, drilling, eroding:
economical from prototype to series.”

State-of-the-art CNC technology is used here:
Based on 3D data and 2D production drawings, we machine and manufacture metal and plastic parts. We use computer-controlled turning and milling as well as HSC milling (high-speed cutting). In addition to this, we also use erosion technology and grinding technology. Various heat and surface treatments can then be added to complete the range.
Benefit from a wide range of services, from micro-milling and turning to the finishing of cast blanks. Do you need heat treatment technology for metal parts? No problem. We can do that too, and of course the corresponding measurement protocols are included.

Technologies in use:

Prototypes and initial samples in original materials.

Our turning, milling and turn-milling machines can be used in the usual RP time frame of complex models and components from original materials in a matter of days to weeks (e.g. PA6 GF 30, Grivory, etc.).

With the systems, we also produce components that cannot be used in other processes for function tests would suffice. Also transparent parts made of PC and PMMA (e.g. for lenses) can be produced and polished.

Reworking of metal castings and vacuum castings.

To a good extent, these technologies are also used to mechanically rework the plastic and metal castings. Previously considered allowances are equalised and machined according to the data and drawings.

We accompany your project from design to the finished product. Many years of experience, short distances, flexibility and sound technical knowledge ensure the best result for you in the mechanical production of workpieces or assemblies.

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prototype or small series production!

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