Generative Manufacturing

Selective Laser Melting (SLM)

  • time 3-10 working days

3D printing in metal using the SLM process

The metal 3D printing process Selective Laser Melting has the decisive advantage that the components are built up from metal powder layer by layer, formless and without tools.

The additive manufacturing process is not suitable for every application and every component geometry. Especially in the case of simple geometries, the higher production costs of the raw parts compared to conventional manufacturing are a disadvantage. These costs can only be economically justified if additive manufacturing can add functional value to the component that cannot be achieved with other manufacturing technologies.

We will be happy to provide you with an initial assessment of the feasibility and economic viability of your component.

The economic benefit of metal 3D printing depends strongly on the geometry and the application. As a rule, the following advantages can be achieved:

  • Production costs independent of component complexity
  • Weight reduction through topology optimisation or lightweight structures
  • Functional optimisation through hybrid or integral design
  • Constructive degrees of freedom in component development
  • Shapeless and near-net-shape production for shortened product development process
  • Added value in the material system through material selection and parameter adjustment

The components can then be reworked with our modern CAD/CAM systems on the 5-axis machining centres.

The following services are included in the metal 3D printing of your components:

  • Identification of the optimal mounting direction
  • Thickening of functional surfaces for reworking processes

material properties

Material parameters of our standard alloys

Average results from the mechanical-technological material tests. Detailed material data sheets are available on request.

*Values after specific heat treatment

Qualified materials Ti6Al4V* 1.4404 1.2709* AlSi10Mg Alloy 718*
Tensile strength Rm [MPa] 1140 680 2100 370 1460
Yield strength Rp0,2 [MPa] 1020 540 2050 240 1230
Hardness 380 HV 240 HV 54 HRC 110 HB 47 HRC


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