Metal Casting

Zinc Die-Cast

  • closing force 20 to 2000 tons
  • characteristics Complex and thin-walled components with and without heat treatment. Mechanical reworking and all types of deburring (thermal, ...) possible.
  • time FOT parts already after approx. 20 working days

Zinc die casting prototypes & small series

Rely on series materials and series processes already in the product development process. Our zinc die-casting prototypes enable you to shorten the time-to-market cost-effectively and rapidly. The zinc die-casting process is predestined for the production of decorative components with a very thin wall thickness and high dimensional accuracy at the same time. In this process, the liquid melt of a zinc alloy is poured into a die-casting mould under high pressure and at high speed. One advantage is that the castings are of high precision, hardness and strength. Due to a relatively low melting point and a narrow solidification interval, particularly tight tolerances and demanding surfaces can be produced.

This allows complex part geometries to be created in the fully automated casting cells for small and large series weighing from 1g to 2 kg.

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