Mechanical Manufacturing

Milling Technology

  • traverse 950 x 650 x 650 mm
    (3.400 x 2.800 x 1.250 mm)
  • accuracy ± 0,001 mm
  • characteristics Carbide possible, HSC milling, ...
  • time 1-8 working days
    Urgent works possible

Our speciality: 5-axis milling of complex parts

We offer 3- or 5-axis milling machines for all industries, in all materials and for every requirement.

Even special materials such as: HSS, Böhler® steel, POM, PA, PVC, PEEK, and many more… are machined by us.

For a long time, EBERT has been serving customers who have special requirements in the milling sector. This is no coincidence, because when it comes to machining and 5-axis milling, EBERT has a complete programme: contact persons in sales who understand something about technology, employees at the machine who want to make a difference and who master their systems down to the last detail. The result individual parts or series made of plastics or metals of any kind.

Optimised processes, state-of-the-art programming systems and a high degree of automation ensure high, consistent quality, short delivery times and a respectable price. With efficient partners, we cover work in 3 & 5-axis milling and thus give you the chance to keep your purchasing costs as low as possible.

5-axis milling is the supreme discipline in milling and requires great know-how. When used correctly, amazing results are possible, even with problem parts. Compared to other manufacturing processes, results are achieved that are second to none:

  • Feasibility
  • Accuracy
  • Quality
  • Price

fully convince.

Thanks to our 5-axis milling expertise, we have often opened up possibilities that our customers had not even envisaged in this way. Solutions that were faster, more precise and significantly cheaper than conventional production.

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